Difference between custom and blank boxes

Blank vs. Custom Boxes in USA

Custom printed boxes are one of the most used items in USA. These simple custom printed boxes are used much in our daily life routine for the packaging of some products. Many people are unaware of differences between blank and customized packaging boxes. Nowadays people of USA demand only printed boxes instead of blank or pre-made packaging packs.

Blank Boxes

Blank boxes are simply plain boxes that are available for the packaging. These boxes can have different colors but usually don’t have any printing on them. Trend of using them is decreasing day by day due to many factors which are discussed below.

Customized Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes are boxes with the printing on them. These boxes can be customized into nay style, shape or size as liked by the product owner. These boxes have printing on them and mostly logos of the companies are placed along with some extra printings.

  • Nowadays people are demanding printed boxes instead of blank ones. The first reason is the blank boxes cannot reflect the image of your company to the users.
  • Second and most important thing is that printed boxes is a great marketing technique in USA. When attractive logos of your companies are placed on your packs than there is a greater chance of conversion. Advertisement of your brand is automatically done through these custom boxes with logo.

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