Unique Designs for Custom Packaging

How to create Unique Designs for Custom Packaging like a professional?

Customization has reached utmost importance in today’s age of individuality and style. We all wish for jaw-dropping, visually aesthetic customized packaging. We want a packaging design that can bring out the uniqueness of our product. A successful custom packaging refers to an exterior covering that can protect the product and add value to it. Unique designs and that much-needed wow factor is what acts as a silent seller of the content. The choice of layers, material, internal and external insulators, colors, fonts, and taping are all essential to get your brand out there in the market.

As exciting as designing a custom packaging sound, it is not always that straightforward. The market competition is intense, and every brand needs to sell itself with innovative packaging ideas. Looking at your product, your target audience, and the budget at hand, you can decide the ideal packaging design personalized to reinforce your brand message. The key to the perfect packaging design is complete customization according to the brand ideology. But how does one achieve the professional level of expertise? Well, we have the ideal solution for your custom packaging that can be an absolute brand asset.

Creating Unique Designs for Custom Packaging like a professional

Identify brand positioning strategy:

The essential part of creating suitable packaging is understanding the brand itself. Your brand ideology must align with the ideology behind the packaging. Honing brand image can accentuate brand equity and bring out the real personality of the brand. Moreover, adding these essential components can help in restating the brand positioning strategy to the general audience. For instance, a feminine perfume range package must not include rugged structures, dark fonts, and an aggressive look. Try showcasing your brand personality in the packaging design to emphasize more sales.

Understand the target market:

Understanding your target market is one of the musts before designing anything. Professional graphic designers and experts always understand the buyers before actually customizing the packaging. Your potential audience is purchasing the product, which is why their likes and dislikes are significantly important. Make sure if the product is for children, men, or women? Is the product made for vegans, environmentally friendly people? Is your target market rich or poor? Such questions will better help you to understand how the packaging should be.

Non-plastic packaging material may appeal to environmental activists. Similarly, older people may appreciate bolder, larger font sizes. Consider your target audience gear towards satisfied customers.

Brainstorm personalized ideas:

One of the few things professionals always do is brainstorming. Effective brainstorming sessions can lead to innovative ideas that may not click the mind the first time. Constant considerations and healthy discussions can lead to unique ideas that can advocate the brand image much better. Roughing out ideas also provide one with alternatives and provide better opportunities to pick the best option. Creating different versions of your customized packaging box can help you choose the best for your product.

These discussions can even lead to problem-solving skills among your team. Even if you are a one-person team, you can pick on multiple ideas and compare them to choose the right one.

Stand out among the competitors:

Seeing successful brands in the market may lead you towards a shortcut, i.e., copying the competitors’ ideas. As simple as it sounds, this path can turn into a dead end. Always remember to pick something different for your brand that clearly states your brand personality. Your competitors may have some mind-boggling ideas at hand, but you need to come up with your mind-blowing design to make a difference.

Remember! We are not forbidding you from even looking at the competitor’s game. You may want to compare and analyze the competitor’s move but try to create a packaging design of your own. Nonetheless, what is the point of personalization if your idea is copied, right?

The basis of creating a custom packaging design:

Below are the basic features you need to be sure about before designing a packaging design for your brand.

Custom box material:

The first comes the material of your customized packaging box. The material you choose must follow two basic rules. First, it should represent your brand idea. Picking an eco-friendly, recyclable packaging box material can show your concern for the environment and depict your contribution to the world’s wellbeing. Similarly, using a die-cut box can add stylish appeal to show your elegant, aesthetic style via packaging.

Secondly, you must consider the audience willing to purchase your proposition. Are your audience young children who want safe, cardboard packaging? Or are your potential customers older people who wish to a packaging that is convenient to open? Make sure you know your audience better before designing your custom packaging.

Custom printing:

Printing your boxes can make a huge style difference. Make sure you add unique, artsy designs to your package to make an impact on the audience. Floral adornments, cartoon characters, or even abstract designs can showcase your product in the most beautiful way. This is also one of the ways to stand out from your competitors. Think outside the box and go for something wild. Your idea definitely will make a difference.

The font on the box:

One of the most understated aspects of the packaging box is its font. Remember that font too funky and toxic can make your packaging look cheap and inconvenient. Try to add a font that adheres to the value proposition of the product. The font should be simple yet stylish according to the need of your brand. If your target market is older people, you may want to add a bold, larger sized font to aid the reading. Similarly, try to add appeal in the font that will suit your audience.

Color Coordination:

What looks good to the eye looks good to the heart. A professional will always be careful to stay consistent with a theme when it comes to colors. Too many of the colors can be a hot mess. Therefore, try to stay color coordinated and keep your brand image together.

Inner and outer packaging:

The inner and outer packaging is what makes the packaging safe and secure. The ultimate mission of a packaging box is protection, and interior and exterior protective packaging do the job. Try to add protective agents that are color coordinated, secure, and suitable for the product. A fragile product, for instance, may require more interior protection.

Budget and Expenses:

There are different packaging designs, materials, colors, and protection, but what do you want? The answer will be a packaging design that suits your pocket. Make sure you understand your financial ability before investing. Try to stay under the budget and incur expenses that can be an asset instead of a cost.

Get professional help:

Last but never least, you may also seek help from a professional entity. Customprintedboxes.us provides cost-effective and innovative packaging designs that can help you in effective customization. Personalize your products with minimum effort and experienced workers dedicated to providing an all-in-one solution.


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